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artEC/Oindustry is an interdisciplinary think tank that tackles the arts as a new design policy for existing and new mines.

Do the arts enhance regional development in socio-ecologically stressed areas? Do the arts increase communication and feelings of belonging through activating our sensories and our mind? Do the arts, thus, lead to a meaningful, interconnected engagement with the complexities of our modern way of living, novel approaches and fulfilling relations?

Follow us, engage and discuss viewpoints from psychology, geography, anthropology, engineering, economy, indigenous livelihood, architecture and the arts!

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Recording ClimArtLab!

  ClimArtLab – a collaborative endeavour between the KLI for Evolution and Cognition Research and artEC/Oindustry on novel, participatory approaches to climate change around the topic of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus – is approaching its finale! Here some images from our great recording day, a project by Francesca Aldegani + Luis Alejandro Villanueva Hernández. Screenshots from our…

ClimArtLab Opening

Join us on May 11 @5pm CET! ClimArtLab is an experimental art-science journey between the KLI for Evolution and Cognition Research and artEC/Oindustry. Two participatory performances and live installations are awaiting: Homonexus between Francesca Aldegani and Alejandro Villanueva and Glacier Nex Us between Ida-Marie Corell and Lindsey Nicholson! Both teams elaborate on the question, if…

Interview @MIRUPLUS Japan

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Yukari Fujiwara for the Japanese magazine MIRUPLUS on artEC/Oindustry’s concept, mission and approach. Mining, science, innovation and the arts – have a look!

Launching Deep Earth Synergies

Very exciting news! Together with artist and project manager of Imp@ct mining Dana Finch, I am launching the cross-sectoral arts hub Deep Earth Synergies in Cornwall, UK. Deep Earth Synergies serves as the nodal link between the mining industry, science, society and the arts. We are dedicated to foster innovative ways of interaction, communication and…

OEFE – Of Earth For Earth

Of Earth For Earth just got published! Geologists, engineers, anthropologists, community representatives, environmental scientists, artists, the list of contributors is long. OEFE – Of Earth For Earth compiles insightful, and pluriverse viewpoints, thoughts, concerns, visions and artistic expressions on the extraction of natural resources. Writers and artists are inviting the reader to reflect on the…


The art-science ClimArtLab is ready for take-off! Join us! Participate! Shape with us! 3 stipends available! Deadline for applications: December 13, 2020! A small additional budget for extra material costs is available!

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