designing sitemap.crop specific art/science programs

  • transdisciplinary art/science residencies and workshops
  • motivating youth courses
  • community engaged art/science events
  • cooperation with local art schools and universities

enhancing international networking

  • interaction with artists and architects worldwide
  • global network with universities and research facilities
  • animating the relation to cultural and historical related countries
  • promoting the industry-arts iniative at international art exhibitions

initiating regional revitalization programs

  • revival of industrial heritage
  • integrating tourist flow data and perspectives
  • integrating ecological aspects

  • topographical evaluation of the mining site’s layout to integrate inventive art/science programs according to security and legal standards
  • contextual incorporation of industrial heritage and ongoing mining processes
  • contextual integration of indigenous heritage
  • establishing the network of cooperating professionals and research faculties
  • establishing the network of cooperating ngo’s and governmental institutions
  • creation of innovative transdisciplinary school events and courses on-site
  • creation of transdisciplinary seminars and university events
  • organization of dynamic art/science residencies: housing, discussions, workshops, community events, internet sessions with cooperating partners
  • organization of dynamic art/science installations at the end of residency programs
  • staging visual art/science festivals and industry/community engaged events
  • photographic and video documentation
  • social media PR                                                                                                                                                              click for network of professionals >>