german scholarship on american art

dominika presented at the stimulating german scholarship on american art conference in paris and giverny, france 27-29 april, 2012:

>>This collaborative, three-day seminar (by invitation only), a partnership between the Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte and the Terra Foundation for American Art Europe, encourages interdisciplinary collaboration among emerging scholars in the history of American art and American studies in Germany. The art of the United States is receiving renewed interest from German scholars and museum curators, who are engaged in closer analysis of artistic exchanges between the two countries as well as the network of forces at work within particular time periods. General narratives on the shaping of a national art are being questioned, generating critical studies in the field of American art, visual culture, institutional histories, and beyond. Under the direction of Ursula Frohne (Universität Köln), Sigrid Ruby (Universität Giessen), Gregor Stemmrich (Freie Universität Berlin), and Veerle Thielemans (Terra Foundation for American Art), this seminar will take stock of new trends in German scholarship and encourage future reflection and research.<<


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