propeller_imageartEC/Oindustry’s vision is the seminal synthesis of the mining industry, science and the arts. the unique initiative is based on four essential indicators for a valuable future:

Ecology, Sustainability, Networking and Trust

artEC/Oindustry animates the communication between global/corporate and local entities. the strategy is to promote the mining industry’s resources for art-science ventures on industrial soil. the on-site collaboration induces transparency and the access to industrial processes. the latter activate the dialogue between the community, engineering and science. the interaction further broadens disciplinary principles and stimulates new insights.

recent examples of successfully revitalized former mining peripheries in japan reveal the fusion of industry and the arts as the future key factor for welfare and growth in the region. artEC/Oindustry shifts the focus inventively from abandoned industrial sites to the intact mining industry. earth excavation and the congruent replanting of lost flora offer a unique platform for environmental art and architecture. engineering and scientific procedures further represent the creative laboratory for contemporary art-science synergies.

the enhanced transdisciplinary collaboration serves as artEC/Oindustry’s main pillar. animating the communication between the industry, nature and its people, artEC/Oindustry is tapping the art-science’s potential as socio-economical tool for the region.


participatory environment of industry, nature and citizens through art-science:

  • promoting the transdisciplinary collaboration and research
  • enhancing transparency of the mining production and land-use
  • enhancing the understanding of the scientific, chemical and engineering processes
  • activating the revival of industrial heritage
  • animating the access to the industry by the local community
  • animating the mutual interaction between the industry and the local community
  • promoting indigenous communities
  • motivating the youth
  • stimulating ecological awareness and action in the community
  • stimulating ecotouristic development
  • stimulating an integral art-eco-industry urban approach